CCC shop

“In 2013, a sales network of NG2 will increase by 120 CCC stores, including at least 40 showrooms in Poland, 25 in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, 25 in Hungary and at least 20 in Romania”, announce the company representatives.

NG2 company strategic plan for the years 2013-2015 is to become the leader of footwear market in each of the countries of Central Europe. In Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary the company intends to expand its own chain of stores, whereas in Russia, Romania to expand through franchise.

After three quarters of 2012, the net profit of NG2 group increased to nearly PLN 63 million, compared with less than PLN 59 million for the previous year.

At the end of September 2012, the NG2 group sales network consisted of 713 stores.