Intensive year in Gemini Park Tychy: 11 new openings, expansion plans and Power Center development

The largest shopping centre in Tychy can count 2019 as a very successful year, especially when looking at leasing activities. In 2019, Gemini Park Tychy was the focus of attention of many Polish and foreign brands. As a result, the gallery not only developed and expanded its offer, especially in the strategic segments of fashion, "home" or gastronomy, but above all diversified tenant-mix, introducing many unique brands.

The passing year brought 11 new tenants to the mall, who leased a total of 4.5 thousand sqm. GLA. Thus, the facility is already 98% commercialized. Interestingly, since its opening in March 2018, the mall's offer has already been enriched by 26 brands and now has nearly 130 shops, service points and restaurants.

- In Gemini Park we can still observe the effect of a successful market debut. This makes the gallery's space enjoy a constant, great interest in the market, both among large international players and among Polish brands. The proof of this is the year 2019, which we are ending with an even richer tenant-mix, further negotiations in progress and ambitious development plans - says Anna Malcharek, managing director of Gemini Holding.

New brands in Gemini Park Tychy

And in fact, 2019 brought Gemini Park a lot of novelties. The year began with the opening of the largest NC+ store in Tychy (37 sq m). The turn of spring and summer brought a dump of novelties. The Carry brand leased 1.5 thousand sq m and the Top Secret 180 sq m. The interior furnishings segment also gained a new one - here the Konsimo store with 587 sq m and a 195 sq m store of the brand DlaSpania were new.

The summer marked the local debut of the British store chain Dealz, which took 570 square metres. Another novelty was the Wisienka na Torcie confectionery and the 84-square-metre Esotiq lingerie salon. The turn of summer and autumn brought the opening of the first Fine Wine store in the gallery and the seventh restaurant - Mihiderki (75 sq m).

The end of October this year resulted in the opening of a shopping centre in the retail park. The new tenant was second hand VIVE Profit, occupying over 1.1 thousand square meters. This is the first shop in this shopping center that promotes the idea of thrifting and zero waste, popular in the USA, for example. The beginning of December is the opening of Kontigo beauty salon. The brand took up 100 sq m. Among the openings from 2019, 4 are local debuts. What attracts brands today?

According to Anna Malcharek, this is a constantly strengthening local position of the shopping centre and its first successes. - In less than 2 years we have managed to create an extremely recognizable gallery in Tychy and surrounding towns, which for many inhabitants of this part of the region has become a first choice shopping center, competitive to the facilities in Katowice, for example. Today, the facility attracts customers from Tychy, as well as from Mikołów, Bieruń, Lędzin, Oświęcim, Pszczyna, and the south of Katowice," he says.

- This resulted in a very successful turnout in 2018 as well as an even better 2019. In the latter, in the months in which we can already compare the year to the year of footfall, the number of visitors is growing even by more than 11 per cent and the turnover is even 28 per cent. This popularity of the gallery on the local market, which today includes over a million potential customers, is appreciated by potential investors - adds Malcharek.

Flammable extensions Gemini Park Tychy

They also see other elements. Gemini Park is nowadays almost entirely commercialised and its offer has been very warmly welcomed on the local and regional market. The gallery has also successfully positioned itself as a modern family centre, which has been helped by an effective leasing strategy and consistent marketing activities aimed at different generations of customers. The gallery's plans are also not without significance.

Gemini Park has a lot of these prospects. One of them is the expansion, which is just entering the planning phase. Thanks to it, the shopping centre will gain additional approx. 6.5 thousand square metres. The new space will be used to construct a modern multi-screen cinema, occupying approx. 2.5 thousand sq.m, as well as new restaurants and service outlets.

The expansion will also ensure the extension of the current food court and the creation of new play areas for children. There are also plans for a real restaurant, which could be the backdrop for the economy zone and the S1. As Malcharek emphasizes, talks with tenants interested in leasing in the new part of Gemini Park are already underway.

- Thanks to the expansion, we will have a chance to enrich the offer of Gemini Park with entertainment, and thus provide our customers with a proposal which will combine shopping and leisure attractions. Thus, we will have an opportunity to expand our market, especially with customers who expect such an offer from Gemini Park - says Malcharek.

But not only the success since the opening or ambitious plans drag the tenants away, but also the unique location of Gemini Park. The shopping center is located in the middle of a popular commercial zone, creating together with neighboring facilities - Saturn, Obi, Tesco - commercial Power Center. It is after the planned investments, such as Merkury Market or retail, that the park is to have nearly 100 thousand square meters.

- The gallery is located not only on the route connecting Silesia with Podbeskidzie, but above all in a place that has been associated with trade for years. As a result, together with the shops that surround us, we are today a comprehensive, commercial background for this part of the region, which will change and develop dynamically in the coming years. Gemini Park with a cinema will also have its share in this - he says.

Gemini Park Tychy

Gemini Park, with an area of 36.6 thousand sq. m, offers nearly 130 shops, restaurants and service points. The facility is located in the immediate vicinity of the busy DK1 route, connecting, among others, Silesia and Podbeskidzie, only 3.5 km from the city centre. The tenants of the mall include, among others H&M, TK Maxx, Reserved, Vistula, Wólczanka, Bytom, New Yorker, Cropp, Mohito, Sinsay, House, Kubenz, Quiosque, Big Star, Lavard, Diverse, Medicine, Monnari, Pako Lorente, Chessboard, Calzedonia, Gatta, Orsay, Lee/Wrangler/Levi's, Apart, W.Kruk, By Dziubeka, Swiss, Time Trend, Yes, CCC, Deichmann, Ochnik, Ryłko, Wittchen, Wojas, Comfort, Bathroom Comfort, Jysk, home&you, Pepco, Homla, Douglas, Endorphine, Hebe, Kontigo, Inglot, Rossmann, Vision Express, Yves Rocher, Ziaja, Empik, Kolporter, World of Books, Smyk, Coccodrillo. The services in Gemini Park include over 30 points, including Factory of Form, Orange, T-Mobile, Play, Plus, Polish Post Office, Maxi ZOO, Tauron, Ithaca, Rainbow Tours and E-Smoking World. The food operator of the gallery is Biedronka. The shopping centre also houses 13 restaurants, including KFC, McDonald's, City Kebab, Mihiderka, Grycan, Lodomania, Olimp, Polski Table and Thai Express. The owner of the facility is the Krakow-based developer Gemini Holding.