Intermarché Power - a new supermarket concept

A modified layout of the shop, an extended range of fresh, bio, fit and ready-made dishes, longer checkout strips and a refreshed layout of the interior and the facade - these and other facilities were introduced in the Intermarché supermarket in Pabianice.

A new, optimised store layout was presented in the Pabianice Intermarché supermarket. The innovative "Power" concept assumes responding to shoppers' expectations as much as possible. The comparative research conducted by the Indago agency in December 2019 and June this year shows that 97% of customers positively assess the changes introduced in the Pabianice supermarket. The greatest increase in satisfaction was recorded in 4 aspects: appearance and arrangement of the store; modernity; freshness and quality of products. The spontaneous indications of customers also show that they appreciated especially the smaller queues to the checkout counters and the tradition section.

Remodeling of shop space

Near the entrance to the Pabianice supermarket there is currently a fresh market area. It offers bread, confectionery, vegetables and fruit, cheese, cured meat, meat, fish and delicatessen products. In response to customers' expectations, some of these products, i.e. cured meat, meat or cheese, can be purchased both in traditional sales as well as in the form of ready-made, freshly packed portions, which in effect unloads possible queues. New elements of equipment and product display have been proposed in the fruit and vegetable area, including an automatic fresh orange juice squeezer. In turn, a self-service slicer awaits customers in the bread section. What is more, as part of the remodelling of the sales area, refrigerating equipment with frozen products was moved closer to the cash registers. This allows customers to put them in the basket directly before approaching the cash register. Also the cash registers have been replaced with new ones, they now have longer tapes and a special space for plastic bags and bags for customers.

- The Intermarché store in Pabianice has gained a completely new image thanks to a new concept. Freshness is the guiding idea of the introduced changes and we understand it more broadly than just the quality of products. We want to provide our customers with a positive shopping experience," says Benjamin Ferte, member of the Intermarché Sales Directorate and adds, "Thanks to the conducted research, we know that customers visit grocery stores several times a week and fresh products are a dominant position on their shopping list. That's why all the fresh categories in Pabianice's Intermarché are now available immediately after entering the store. This is the answer to the needs of customers who want to shop efficiently and comfortably.

Wider product range

Special places for culinary inspirations for customers, promotional and seasonal offers have been planned in the shop. The new version of the supermarket is also a wider range of organic products, bio and articles for active people who care about healthy eating. The new products are also available in the world's kitchens, dairy and beverage departments. The offer of products from our own smokehouse and ready meals has also been extended. According to customers' expectations, the shop now also offers cut and potted flowers.

Intermarche Drive - new service offered to customers

Since 5 June, the shop additionally offers an e-commerce service - Intermarché Drive. It provides the possibility of ordering products online and receiving them in a specially designated area in front of the supermarket. When placing an order, the customer chooses a convenient time to collect purchases.

Visual communication has also been changed, designed in a modern form and in accordance with current design trends. Both the interior of the supermarket and its facade have been changed.

Muszkieter Group in Poland

Muszkieterów Group, the largest franchise chain in the category of food and home and garden supermarkets in Poland, is an association of almost 300 independent Polish entrepreneurs managing Intermarché food supermarkets and Bricomarché home and garden supermarkets. In 2019 the turnover of the Musketeer Group amounted to PLN 7.74 billion. During more than 20 years of its presence in Poland, the headquarters of the Muszkieterów Group invested about PLN 2 billion in real estate. The strategic directions of both networks are determined by ITM Poland. The Musketeers are present in 4 European countries: Poland, France, Belgium and Portugal.