Jurajska Gallery: enlargement and relocation of Douglas perfumery

The tenants of Galeria Jurajska extend contracts and in many cases move to larger premises, while introducing new retail concepts. Douglas has recently decided on such a move.

Tenants who have 5 and 10 year lease agreements with Galeria Jurajska are to stay for the following years. Some of them, apart from the extension, also decide to make additional investments, e.g. moving to a larger premises, renovating the interiors or introducing a new retail concept.

Douglas in the new visual concept

The Douglas brand, present in the gallery since its opening in 2009, has made several decisions concerning the future of the Częstochowa shopping centre. The chain not only extended the contract with Jurajska, but also moved to another location in the centre and decided to introduce a new retail concept.

- More and more tenants decide to make such changes. Only in the last year, a few brands have moved to a larger unit or have moved and modernized. This is a clear signal that the brands see the potential of Galeria Jurajska and are willing to invest in our facility and develop - says Anna Borecka - Suda, Deputy Director of Galeria Jurajska.

Douglas' example is the best. The brand has moved to a similar premises (310 sq m), which is located in the very heart of Galeria Jurajska. The perfumery store was created according to the latest standard and the most current world guidelines. It is one of the first establishments of the chain in Poland to be launched under this concept.


- The enlargement and relocation of the perfumery in Galeria Jurajska is an investment we have been planning for a long time. We always want to respond to the needs of our customers in the best possible way, present our offer in an attractive way and, most of all, provide a shopping experience at the highest level. The newly opened perfumery occupies a much larger area - nearly 300 square metres and has been arranged in a modern style, which we have enriched with multimedia solutions - says Magdalena Przybysz, Expansion and Investment Director at Douglas.

- The new concept is also a new colour scheme. The interior is maintained in elegant, golden colours. We have also applied a clear division into make-up, care and fragrance zones, where products of several hundred brands await, both bestselling international brands, but also young brands that quickly gained popularity and consumer confidence," he explains.

It's not the end of change. - We've also expanded our team of consultants who help you choose the best products, give advice and always keep a unique atmosphere - even in the current post-covident conditions, when we had to introduce some product testing restrictions. I am convinced that the new, even more attractive version of Douglas perfumery will appeal to customers from Częstochowa and its surroundings, and will be a favourite point on their shopping map of the city - adds Magdalena Przybysz.

Galeria Jurajska in GTC's portfolio

Galeria Jurajska is the biggest shopping center in Częstochowa (49 thousand square meters GLA). Operating since 2009, the facility is gaining in popularity year by year. As a result, today it is the most popular gallery in the city and one of the most popular in the region. Only in 2019 the gallery was visited by nearly 7.2 million people. In Galeria Jurajska there are 200 shops, service and catering outlets and a multi-screen Cinema City cinema. The offer is filled with the most popular Polish and foreign brands. The stores have here, among others, LPP Group (Reserved, Cropp, Home &You, House, Mohito, Sinsay), Inditex Group (Zara, Bershka, Stradivarius, Massimo Dutti), TK Maxx, C&A, Euro RTV AGD, Intersport, Empik, H&M, New Yorker, Smyk, Rossmann, Sephora, Super Pharm, Biedronka, Douglas, Carry, Fairytale Labyrinth, Apart and many others.

The customers of Galeria Jurajska have at their disposal a multi-storey car park with a capacity of more than 2330 cars, a coach, bicycle and motorcycle car park as well as a modern restaurant zone with a separate rest area. Right next to the gallery, customers can find a modernly arranged city garden over the Warta River boulevards and a coach car park. Inside the facility, in turn, several relaxation zones have been prepared for them, including premium didactic zones with aquariums (sea and freshwater). The gallery is owned by GTC S.A.