Biedronka develops a chain of stores in Warmia and Mazury

Modern, comfortable and ecological - these are the features of Biedronka shops opened on 30 July. Every day, freshly baked bread, separate areas with vegetables and a large exposition of non-food products are characteristic of the chain's outlets in Biskupiec and Rybno. 

- The outlets in Biskupiec and Rybno have been designed to make shopping extremely comfortable. This is what consumers expect from a modern and friendly retail chain, and we always stand by our customers," says Magdalena Umińska-Kowalkowska, Senior Sales Manager at Biedronka chain.

Ladybird in format 2.0

The shop in Biskupiec has been renovated and meets the requirements of the 2.0 format, thanks to which customers will find their favourite products more conveniently. In the sales hall there are separate areas with bread, fruit and vegetables and cosmetics. There are also marked modules with promotional items. The shop is environmentally friendly due to the LED lighting and refrigerated racks using CO2 gas. Next to it there is a car park with 50 parking spaces for cars (two of which are for the disabled). The area of the sales hall reaches almost 600 sqm. Customer service will take place at 4 traditional checkouts. Fresh bread baked on a daily basis will be offered and delivered from local bakeries. Prices of products will be conveniently checked thanks to 2 readers installed in the sales room.

The new shop in Rybno, like the one in Biskupiec, is illuminated with energy-saving LEDs and the CO2 gas supports the operation of refrigerated racks. The area of the sales hall is larger than in Biskupiec and amounts to over 750 sqm. Parking is of the same size, which makes it convenient for 50 customers to park here at the same time (also two places are dedicated to people with mobility impairments). The new facility has 5 traditional cash registers. Just like in Biskupiec, customers will find 2 comfortable readers for checking product prices.

The shop at 2 Jesionowa Street in Biskupiec is open from Monday to Saturday from 5:00 to 23:30 and on commercial Sundays from 7:00 to 21:00. The shop at 6b Lubawska Street in Rybno is open from Monday to Saturday from 6:00 to 22:00 and on commercial Sundays from 7:00 to 21:00. 

3010 stores throughout Poland

Jeronimo Martins Polska S.A. is the owner of Biedronka - the largest retail chain in Poland, with 3010 stores located in over 1100 towns and cities (at the end of Q1 2020), which has been present on the Polish market for 25 years. The pillars of the company's strategy are carefully selected products of the highest quality, offered at low daily prices. In 2019 Biedronka cooperated with over 1,000 Polish suppliers, from which 93% of products in the chain's offer came. Jeronimo Martins Polska S.A., employing about 70 thousand people, is the largest private employer in Poland and the second largest Polish company. The company is a strategic partner of the Responsible Business Forum. The value of the Jeronimo Martins Group's investments in Poland since 1995 has exceeded PLN 14 billion.