Newbridge: two convenience centres with higher turnover than in 2019

Better turnover per customer than a year ago was recorded in Nowe Czyżyny in Kraków and Nowe Bielawa in Toruń.

The growing number of visitors to Nowe Czyżyny and Nowe Bielawy has a positive impact on the sales results of the facilities. June was the first month after the lifting of the lockdown, in which tenants of Newbridge centres recorded a significant increase in turnover per one client.

Increase in turnover

Thus, in Nowe Bielawa they increased by as much as 14.7% compared to June 2019, and in Nowe Czyżyny by nearly 11% year on year. According to Marta Drzewiecka, Property & Marketing Manager in Newbridge, this is a clear signal that the situation in convenience centers belonging to Newbridge is stabilizing.

- The June turnover growth clearly shows that customers of our centres in Toruń and Kraków are not tightening their belts. On the contrary, they spend more than last year. This is an optimistic forecast for the following months - he adds.

This revival in sales in Nowe Czyżyny and Nowe Bielawa is supported by several factors. - Consumer moods have clearly changed over the past month. Customers have become familiar with the new reality and are more willing to go shopping. Less fears translated into more frequent visits. Sales also helped to break the shopping resistance - says Drzewiecka.

Full offer

In fact, from the beginning of June, Newbridge has started to communicate its tenant sales offer by organizing online campaigns and promotions with the use of outdoor media.

The fact that as early as in June, 100% of the New Deals offer was available to customers of the centres was also important for the turnover. All stores were open and loaded. Service outlets and catering facilities were also open.

 - Already in May our customers could see that our offer is coming back unchanged. Thus, when they went shopping with us in June, they were sure to find in Nowe Bielawa and Nowe Czyżyny the same brands as before the pandemic - he says.

The format of the Newbridge centres themselves is also important for the results. - Today, customers are more likely to choose smaller retail facilities, especially convenience facilities, operating in the heart of local communities. These are places where they can do all the necessary shopping under one roof, relatively quickly. The compact offer of Nowe Bielawy and Nowe Czyżyny makes it possible for them to do so - he concludes.