Nearly all customers have returned to Gemini Park Tychy

For the third month in a row the number of visitors to Gemini Park Tychy is growing. Nearly 90% of customers have already returned to the mall. There are also days when there are more visitors than in the previous year.

Contrary to the fears of analysts, more and more Poles are shopping in shopping malls. According to the research of the Polish Council of Shopping Centres, as much as 79% of customers feel safe visiting the galleries. This translates into better and better results recorded by the facilities.

Increasingly better visitor performance

Gemini Park Tychy is also doing her footwork. After a strong opening in May, when up to 77% of customers returned to shopping, June turned out to be even better, strengthening by as much as 7 percentage points the trend that emerged after the release of consumption. 

Thus, June this year, compared to June 2019, brought the return of as many as 84% of customers. Thus, the thousands of galleries were nearly 10 percent above the trend noted by the Polish Council of Shopping Centres on the market at that time.

In June there were also the first days when there were many more customers than a year ago. For example, on Friday 12 June there were as many as 18% more customers than on the same day a year ago, and on Monday 22 June there were 2.4% more.

- We are seeing better and better results from month to month. The upward trend is clearly strengthening, having continued since the beginning of May, when the lockdown was lifted. We are also seeing higher and higher conversions, i.e. a translation of traffic into tenant turnover. This is an optimistic forecast for the future, showing that the losses have to be made up - says Tomasz Misztalewski, director of Gemini Park Tychy. 

This optimism is also confirmed by the results from July this year. The first and second week of the month brought the return of 86% and 87% of customers respectively, compared to the same weeks last year. As in June, on selected days, the gallery also started to record better results than last year. 

Compactness attracts

This revival in Gemini Park Tychy is influenced by several factors today. - First of all, our offer returned in 99%. Customers who visit us do not feel disappointed, because they find the same brands in the gallery as before the lockdown. Everyone who goes to their favourite shop will find it open with us," says Misztalewski. 

- This consistency of the offer attracts customers. All the more so because both the fashion offer, which is extremely popular among visitors, as well as the offer of health and beauty, interior design, multimedia and gastronomy have returned in an unchanged shape. One can be tempted to say that the tenants trusted the potential of Gemini Park - he says. 

But it's not just the unchanged tenant mix that determines returns. The compactness of the Gemini Park offer has become a key factor. Residents of the region choosing this mall can do all the necessary daily shopping for the whole family here in one visit. 

- According to PRCH analyses, more than half of Poles still declare that they go to galleries to do specific shopping, not for long shopping. Gemini Park provides them with that. The gallery's offer includes as many as 11 segments, which means that the customers find all the most important shops or service points under one roof. Such a possibility to do many things during one visit attracts people who are still getting used to the new shopping reality - he says. 

In this return, Gemini Park supports its customers. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the gallery has been making every effort to ensure that shopping is safe and comfortable. Also since the end of the lockdown, the gallery's arcade has been prepared according to GIS guidelines, among others, dispensers with disinfectants, special markings or information reminding about new rules.