Womak is not slowing down despite the pandemic. New projects and new lease agreements

SCF 2020 CEE Exhibitor

Womak Holding strengthens its market position. Despite the ongoing epidemic, it signs new lease agreements and builds new facilities.

The Womak Holding capital group offers new contractors and regular business partners long-term, secure cooperation. In recent months, despite the ongoing epidemic, this cooperation has resulted in the signing of new lease agreements, thus enriching the portfolio of tenants in commercial facilities in Wrocław in the Grabiszyńskie and Mińska 58 Terraces Shopping Centres, as well as in Rzeszów - in Galeria Nowy Świat. Womak is also not slowing down the pace of implementation of new projects - the Swoja Olimpia facility in Swojczyce in Wrocław is under construction according to the assumed schedule. In 2021, the Womak Holding Group will already have 9 commercial facilities with a total area of over 60 thousand square metres.

Recent project Womak: Centrum Handlowe Swoja

The process of commercialization of the first stage of the Swoja Olimpia shopping centre, the only shopping centre in the south-eastern part of Wrocław, is progressing. In the vicinity of the food operator Lidl chain, such brands as: Furtak confectionery and bakery, Niebieszczańscy butcher's shop, Centrum Wina, organic food shop will appear. The whole is to create a coherent service offer for the districts of Wrocław, i.e. Biskupin, Swojczyce, Strachocin and Wojnów, as well as the localities under Wrocław. It is worth mentioning that despite the ongoing epidemic, Womak has obtained and launched bank financing for this project, which, in the face of an uncertain financial market, determines its strong position in the commercial real estate sector, and presents Womak Holding Group as a reliable business partner. The opening of Stage I of Stage III of Centrum Handlowe Swoja is scheduled for 2021.

New tenants in Grabiszyński Terraces

Wrocławskie Tarasy Grabiszyńskie is a comfortable shopping and friendly and safe place to meet. The centre offers a wide range of trade, catering and sports facilities tailored to the needs of each customer. A diverse assortment of food products from the ECO shelf with a supply of fresh and healthy products attracts regular customers to everyday shopping. The gastronomic zone - available also in the form of gardens on the title terraces, has become the most popular meeting place for local residents, both for leisure and work. Sports enthusiasts are offered attractive tickets by the modern Rio Top Gym club, which started its operations in the facility in June this year, occupying a total area of 1.3 thousand square metres on two levels of the centre. In addition to high-end equipment, the club offers a number of activities related to combat sports. For this purpose, a special zone was created in which classes are conducted by the popular in Wroclaw Rio Grappling Club, which also moved its headquarters here. It is also worth mentioning that in the centre there is a modern Medicover medical facility consisting of nearly 30 doctor's offices and a collection point.

Recently, StyLove Boutique has joined the group of tenants of the facility: StyLove Boutique, which offers unique and unique cuts of women's clothing, bags and jewellery. On the first level, the centre's offer has also been enriched by a clothing boutique - Black Marilyn and a Carto Store, which has a wide range of paper and stationery products, as well as decorative accessories, wooden toys and educational ones.

Minsk 58 - an intimate daily shopping centre with potential

Minsk 58 is a commercial facility that responds to the needs of local residents - a food operator, an ecological vegetable garden, fresh bread from a local bakery and a press room. The whole is enriched by Kraftownia Muchobór restaurant with a summer garden - a cult meeting place for residents still growing around the estate. Due to the neighborhood, the huge potential of the industry responding to the needs of home furnishing, which shows growing interest in the Comfort store, which is located in the facility. The increase in tenants' turnover and growing interest in the location contributed to the signing of a lease agreement with RTV Euro AGD, which will occupy the entire area of the adjacent building (742 sq.m.) creating a complex of Minsk 58. Opening in Q4 2020!

Nowy Świat Gallery enlarges the offer of foodcourt

In Galeria Nowy Świat there have been many changes in the last two months: the dynamic development of the children's industry can be seen in the range of toys, the foodcourt zone has also been expanded, and the clothing offer has also been expanded with a new brand.

Nowy Świat welcomed two new restaurants from the catering and food industry: NK Strada restaurant with a menu based on Ukrainian cuisine (113m2) and Vinecraft kraft beer outlet (54 sqm). The latter is an attraction for beer and wine tasters. The owners also took care of the female part of the clientele, for which a special zone will be prepared. There is still room for two new catering establishments in the foodcourse. In the attractive surroundings of the Yamaha School of Music, sports clubs, Calypso gym or Kula Bowling & Club bowling alley there may appear other, very much awaited specialties.

The first level in Galeria Nowy Świat has expanded its portfolio of tenants in the clothing industry with Abitoo Off-Price store. The brand is already strongly recognized in the southern part of Poland - from Bolesławiec to Krosno - it also appears in the Podkarpacie region. The store's offer is primarily very attractive in terms of price for client groups of all ages.

The changes at the Nowy Świat Gallery are also visible in the children's industry - this is manifested in the dynamics of toy articles. At the end of November 2020, the tenant Ele Mele will appear in a larger 80 sq.m unit. (currently 43 sq.m). Remodelling of the brand will certainly result in new brands, better quality and more, satisfied, not only the youngest customers.

Womak Holding at SCF CEE 2020

During this year's edition of SCF CEE 2020 (stand 4.4) Womak Holding Group will present a new, refreshed concept of the second stage of the Swoja Shopping Centre. Currently, the lease offer of Stage I still includes office, service and medical premises with areas ranging from 100 to 650 sqm. The available space draws particular attention of potential users due to the availability of an internal patio where a garden or a recreation area for employees can be designed, which is particularly attractive for offices. The company's representatives encourage to contact the lease department in order to learn about attractive conditions of cooperation.