Going beyond COVID-19: The modern Chainels application builds relationships with tenants

According to "Safe Shopping centers", the pandemic represents a unique challenge for property owners, investors, operators and their tenants. Therefore, regaining customer confidence and ensuring a safe shopping environment remains very important. Against the background of these challenges, the coronavirus forces the shopping centre management teams to think about how to deal with everyday matters at the level of shopping centre operations.

The current situation has accelerated the digital transformation of the industry. This provides more insight into the data used, which in turn improves the decision-making process.

Since the beginning of the epidemic in Europe and Latin America, the demand for Chainels has increased significantly among landlords seeking to optimise communication with tenants. "Because of COVID-19, real-time communication and data sharing are essential to support cooperation between all parties involved at the retail site". - says Sander Verseput, COO and founder of Chainels.

Shaping strong and committed tenant communities

Stakeholders in shopping centres, shopping streets, outlets and city centres use the intuitive Chainels application to work together on issues such as marketing, security, maintenance and management.

Chainels' capabilities include optimized access to real-time communication, digital workflows and data sharing, including store performance reporting - all in one place and in a secure environment.

Chainels also enables integration with other existing software in the IT ecosystem. In addition, it reduces the effort spent on solving technical problems, recruiting staff and optimizes daily management - increasing productivity and saving time and money.

Building trust and partnership - Chainels in Poland

By working closely with our customers, we constantly receive valuable feedback, which we translate into improvements to our platform.

Since we started working with Atrium European Real Estate in Poland, we have received positive feedback on "Atrium Connect". - Our tenants have enthusiastically received the application, within a month almost all of them have activated their accounts, and most of them still remain active users - says Anna Dafna, Deputy CEO / CFO of Atrium Poland Real Estate Management.

By innovating with Atrium European Real Estate, Chainels helps centre management, marketing and leasing teams to work much more efficiently, enables easier and faster communication with tenants and gives them the opportunity to share their opinions.

Why now is a good time to invest in digitisation

Achieving greater value through the adoption of proptech requires investment in a solution that exploits the sustainable potential for ROI.

By strategically adopting innovative proptech solutions, a wide range of operational workflows can be improved, creating a more efficient way to manage shopping centres and mixed-use facilities.

According to research carried out by Deloitte, now that our society is entering the COVID 19 phase, the use of digital tools for better connectivity allows all stakeholders to be more successful.

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