Rising Wave shopping. Neinver satisfied with the results

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Factory outlet customers return to shopping. In the first three months after the reopening, they were visited by almost 2.5 million people, spending larger amounts at a time than last year. The sports industry, jeans, home furnishings and fashion are the most popular.

- Shopping habits are changing, which is well visible not only when observing customer behaviour in stores, but also when analysing key indicators of the entire Factory chain. From May to July, compared to the previous year, the average receipt value increased by as much as 11 percent. The conversion in stores, on the other hand, recorded a record jump by as much as 19 per cent," says Magdalena Chachulska, Asset Management Director Neinver.

Outlet customers, known for planning their expenses and clearly defined purchase targets, have today further intensified their presence in shopping arcades. They buy more, leaving even more money than last year. They appear in smaller groups or individually, but often even supply the whole family.

Increased number of customers in Factory centres

Consequently, since the beginning of May, Neinver's portfolio centres have been experiencing a systematic increase in the number of customers and sales value, ranging from a few to even several dozen percent depending on the industry. At the end of July, sales exceeded 92 percent of last month's results. The number of clients oscillated around 90 per cent," informs Neinver's management.

- From the very beginning of the new reality caused by the pandemic, nearly 100 percent of Factory outlet stores have been opened. And this, combined with a well-tailored offer, effective promotion and a strong group of loyal customers, allows us to quickly rebuild the sales dynamics," Magdalena Chachulska concludes.

In the first days, the sport and interior design industry did best. As the economy was unlocked and the return to offices and meetings in restaurants, the fashion and jewellery industry also significantly increased its turnover. The summer also favoured lingerie shops and the outdoor offer.

Factors with security certificate and tenant guide

As experts emphasize, high sanitary standards in retail facilities will be strongly influenced by the maintenance of high sanitary standards by both facility managers and other buyers. Neinver has introduced clearly defined procedures and safety standards to protect both employees, cooperating companies and customers. The measures introduced have been audited by an independent, international company SGS - a world leader in control, verification, testing and certification. Factory Centres in Poland have already obtained a certificate confirming the creation of a safe space for employees and customers. Especially for tenants, a unique guide on how to deal with difficult customers who do not want to comply with the applicable safety rules was created.

- It is a collection of information and examples on how to communicate with customers in the current pandemic situation. We have described the customer behaviour that a vendor may encounter. We have analyzed selected stages of the sales process also in relation to new realities, paying a lot of attention to the difficulties currently faced by employees of our stores. We also described the most important principles of communication with customers and indicated how to deal with them effectively - says Klaudia Czyżak - Janyszko, Retail Manager Neinver in Poland.

The next stage is a series of training courses for individual tenants, which will allow them to
for the smooth implementation and application of the solutions proposed in the guide. Many of them decided to meet with trainers, because effective enforcement of sanitary rules among unruly clients is not an easy task.