a non-standard but interesting tenant in shopping centres

The specificity of our activity causes that we have several advantages that distinguish us from other tenants - believes Radosław Szczepaniak, President of the Management Board of offers rental services of special boxes located in shopping centers, which are used to store customers' property - self storage. The recipients of these services are usually private individuals who have too few rooms in their homes and have no place to store various types of household goods. The second type of customers are small companies that have to store their archives somewhere or excess stocks of e.g. advertising materials. Boxes have from 1 to 9 sq.m. of space and their service is fully automated, through code locks and online rental system. According to Radosław Szczepaniak, President of the company, the specificity of this concept makes it not only enriches the offer of a given shopping centre, but also, and perhaps even more importantly, it is an ideal "filler" of the space which is difficult to rent. It is better than fitness clubs. 

- To put it simply, we are ready to rent virtually any space in the mall. We do not require any specific space, location or site. We do not set such criteria. We can rent premises from approx. 80 to approx. 600 sqm of space, of any shape, height and location. We are as flexible as possible in this respect. We also do not care about having a website. It is to be dry, clean and safe, with direct access to the premises by the customer - that is all. We also do not require any fit-outs, the premises may be in a raw state - a permission to use the premises is enough. What other tenant will agree to such conditions? - Radosław Szczepaniak asks rhetorically. is preparing to expand

Currently, the company operates 2 such points in Poland (one in Galeria Renova in Warsaw and the other in Wrocław at Auchan supermarket). Now it promises to accelerate its expansion.

- The biggest challenge was to build an IT system, thanks to which the whole process of management and operation of lockers is automated. Opening the first two points was a kind of test. After about 2 years of their operation, we both have almost 100 percent occupancy. We are now fully ready for a wider development of our project. We aim primarily at large cities, both shopping centres and retail parks. The second model of development will be franchise - announces the president of

In principle, the client should have access to his locker 24h/7. If the boxes are located on the first floor, access to the lift is of course necessary. - If we find an attractive location in a shopping centre, with the possibility of access to our lockers only during the opening hours of the building, we are able to make such a compromise - concludes Radosław Szczepaniak.