The Old Brewery completes the gastronomic offer

With the opening of the new Dolce Vita restaurant, the Old Brewery completed the gastronomic offer of the Courtyard. In the heart of the Poznań centre, customers can now choose between original restaurants with world cuisines, including Korean, Japanese, American, fusion, modern Polish and, more recently, Italian.

In June, the Old Brewery Courtyard opened an Italian style restaurant - Dolce Vita. The menu of the new restaurant includes classic pizzas and pastes, seafood, as well as original dishes from seasonal ingredients. The creators of the restaurant chose a modern design with warm accents - soft sofas and armchairs upholstered in velvet fabrics.

- Poles love Italian cuisine - regardless of age or economic status - says Renata Gralec, Director of Stary Browar Centre. For the Courtyard, we were looking for a concept with a quality Italian menu, but also with the ambition to create a lively, visually striking meeting place - according to the profile of the area. We managed to win a partner with a vision combining modernity with a sense of style and an experienced restaurateur.

The mix of flavours and climates in the Old Brewery

The Brewery Manager aimed to create a varied menu and complementary offer in the Courtyard so that the place would be vibrant with life from morning to evening, seven days a week.

- Currently, there are 6 restaurants with waiter service, Sinner music club with a summer garden and outdoor stage and the designer pop-up ice cream parlour Lodovnia. The courtyard's refreshed culinary offer is a cocktail of flavours and styles," says Renata Gralec, Director of Stary Browar Centre. We have a premium rock steakhouse Whiskey in the Jar, Matia with Poland's first menu of robots, the original Cuisine Project with seasonal interpretations of Polish cuisine, an "instagram" Veranda with a light modern card, Art Sushi with a unique Korean-Japanese menu, Dolce Vita with classic Italian pizza, pastes with the best quality ingredients and excellent wine selection. Restaurants of the Courtyard pay great attention not only to the original, quality menu, but also to the atmosphere of the premises created primarily by people - excellent cooks, professional waiters, as well as by the design, which is refined in detail. We can boast of some of the most beautiful restaurants in Poznań.

From late spring to early autumn (and partly all year round), restaurants in the courtyard also have climatic gardens. Their advantage, apart from attractive dishes, is a spectacular environment with a view of the historic buildings of the Brewery and the green park belonging to the centre. In the premises of Projekt Kuchnia and Dolce Vita, there are also delicatessen with food products popular among the Brewery's customers. The advantage of the concepts in the Courtyard is also a wide range of offers. Although most restaurateurs have introduced original and premium formats to the Brewery, the offer of each of the premises also includes affordable lunch offers or Sunday promotions dedicated to families. Thanks to this, the group of customers using the courtyard's catering zone is gradually expanding.

"Courtyard of Flavours" with a new multi-channel campaign

It is no coincidence that it is the refreshed culinary offer of the Courtyard that the new multi-channel marketing campaign of Stary Browar is dedicated to. The manager of the centre indicates that this is the space that customers are most willing to come back to after the lockdown. - Under the slogan "The Courtyard of Flavours" we present not only the uniqueness and diversity of cuisine offered by the local restaurants," says Joanna Tupalska, marketing director of Stary Browar. We also show the atmosphere of this culinary heart of Poznan - a meeting place, living throughout the day, from Monday to Sunday. The courtyard also includes cultural events, exhibitions in the Courtyard Gallery, events in Sinner, concerts in Whiskey in the Jar and the whole offer of summer events in the Park. To create the graphic design of the campaign, a photo of dishes from all the restaurants in the Courtyard was used, presenting the diversity and richness of the local gastronomic offer. Together with the tenants, we are constantly stoking our customers' appetites - says Tupalska. We present the profiles of chefs, the flagship dishes of each restaurant, also in video form. The ambassadors of gastronomic premises in Stary Browar are our partners-influencers with a large group of local customers. They are also actively involved in the campaign - he concludes.

Catering offer of Stary Browar

The changes in the courtyard are part of a consistently implemented strategy of developing the catering offer in Stary Browar. We are successively enriching and diversifying the F&B offer, in this respect we have been ahead of our competitors for years - says Magdalena Kowalak, President of the company managing Stary Browar. We want our restaurant zones to have diversified, but ordered and complementary profiles. Atrium is dedicated to spontaneous consumption in the "fast" food court style. The courtyard gathers amateurs of sophisticated original cuisine. We are also in the process of building a brand new catering hub in the Passage - an urban food-hall type zone - Foodpark. We are systematically developing a mix of offers competing with the restaurant offer in the centre of Poznań, both in terms of menu and formats.