20 Burger King restaurants in Poland in the hands of QSRP holding company

20 restaurants belonging to BK SEE Poland S.A. have become part of the QSR Platform Holding group. QSRP is a newly established international operator managing already 1,000 fast food restaurants in Europe.

The official launch of QSR Platform Holding SCA Group (QSRP), supported by Kharis Capital, was announced on 15 September in Luxembourg. The new player in the QSR (quick service restaurants) sector provides customers with culinary experiences through approximately 1000 restaurants in 7 European countries: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland and Luxembourg. The group's portfolio includes well-known international brands: Burger King, a Belgian-born restaurant chain with burgers - Quick, serving halal products and original French tacos - O'Tacos, specializing in seafood - NORDSEE and Go! Fish.

- Our success is based on the combination of different nutritional concepts, presenting different cultures and products, while maintaining the identity of individual brands. We believe that our approach will lead us to an increased market share," stresses Alessandro Preda, Chief Executive Officer at QSR Platform Holding SCA.

QSRP currently generates around 1 billion euros of sales in the fast food restaurant segment, which is the foundation for further growth, both internal and external.

- We believe that thanks to our knowledge of the digital industry and the diversity of our international teams, we can become a leader in the QSR sector," adds Alessandro Preda.