Retail Institute calls for trade to be restored as soon as possible on Sunday

Entrepreneurs centred around the Retail Institute have welcomed information about the work of the government and the opposition to restore trade on Sunday and call for the changes to be implemented as soon as possible. This is an important step towards strengthening the security of customers of shopping centres and chains, as well as an opportunity for the industries most affected by the restrictions related to the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

The introduction of shopping Sundays will allow the distribution of customer traffic from six to seven days of the week, thus significantly reducing the creation of queues in the shops and allowing social distance during shopping. Shopping centres and tenants have incurred and continue to incur high costs of maintaining strict sanitary requirements, so that shops and common areas in shopping centres remain safe for their residents. An extra day of shopping will significantly strengthen these efforts. Experts estimate that the risk of infection when shopping in large areas of shopping malls, while maintaining the recommended safety standards, and therefore the appropriate distance between people, is no greater than in other public places.

- The retail, service and entertainment industry, as well as owners of shopping malls, fear further restrictions. Especially for cinemas, cafés, restaurants, as well as the entertainment and service industries, another lockdown would be deadly. We are relieved to hear about returning to the discussion on shopping Sundays, which our organization has been calling for for several months. Commercial Sundays will not only support thousands of Polish companies, but today, during an avalanche of disease, an extremely important element building the sense of safety and comfort of Poles on shopping - says Anna Szmeja, President of Retail Institute.

A way to support entrepreneurs

As experts and industry managers emphasize, returning to shopping Sundays is also the cheapest way to support entrepreneurs operating in shopping centers. Estimated analyses show that the share of Sundays in sales results ranges from 10-25 percent of the companies' weekly results. Sunday is the first or second best day of the week in the entertainment, service and catering industries.

The number of visits to 140 shopping centres, monitored by the Retail Institute, in the nine months of 2020 was 28.9 percent lower than in the previous year. Turnover up to and including August fell by 26.1 percent (including lockdown).