Castorama introduced new online functionality

Castorama Polska has decided to take another step towards building positive customer experiences. The company has introduced the possibility to search the products with an image. 

It is an ideal solution for people who have dozens of photos or inspirational screens of arrangements or products they like, but do not know where to look for them.

New reality, new solutions

Image Search is a modern tool to help you find the product you are looking for. Thanks to it, it is easy to find a similar or often even the same item in an online shop as the one that caught our eye on Instagram or Pinterest. When searching for inspiration, just take a screenshot and save it. Similarly, when you walk or coffee in your favorite restaurant, you will see the tiles or wallpaper you need to have. This also applies to entire bathroom or kitchen arrangements. All you have to do is take a photo and use it to find the item in the catalogue of thousands available on the website.

Search function

Using a graphical search engine is as easy as using the standard one, where we enter keywords. The functionality is available on the home page next to the standard "magnifier" and has a camera symbol. Simply click and from the saved images add the desired image to the search engine and the system will offer products from the Castorama offer that are most similar to the uploaded image. What is important is that the photo does not have to represent only the product you are looking for - thanks to the ticker option you can upload the whole arrangement and then indicate what you are most interested in.

- This is the easiest way to find your dream product - without having to know the name or other parameters. We hope that such a solution will appeal to everyone, especially those who like to look for inspiration both in the world around them and on the Internet. Now even the leaves of your favourite plant can be an inspiration. That's why we encourage our customers - take photos and we will help you make your dreams come true. - suggests Beniamin Schön, Customer and Digital Director of Castorama Poland.

The new functionality on website has been operating since mid-September. Thanks to it, searching the wide range of tens of thousands of products has become even easier. At the same time the search results can be a great inspiration, because the algorithm offers different products each time, graphically referring to the thing you are looking for.

The Castorama graphic search engine is one of the first on the market. It is a great example of innovation and searching for new solutions of the popular brand, which for years has been focusing on continuous improvement of customer service, also in the area of e-commerce. This is another service introduced this year. Earlier solutions, which make shopping easier, include establishing cooperation with InPost, increasing the number of products available online with home delivery or testing such forms of collection as CastoMaty, i.e. in-store order pick up machines 24/7.